Monday, March 28, 2011

Apple's WWDC 2011 - One Hot Ticket

No doubt about it. Apple is on fire. The 2011 World Wide Developers Conference sells out in under 12 hours. And this is at $1,600 per person! While they always sell out, a clear trend is developing. Last years conference took about a week to fill up, and the year before that about a month.

No doubt the millions of iOS devices out there have something to to with that. And with the next operating system release Lion, taking some of the best of iOS for itself, it's going to be a very interesting next couple years in the Apple space. Mostly good I'm thinking.

Now if we could just those hardware prices down a bit all the better, but that's not something I see happening anytime soon. The premium has always been on the OS, and that's only getting better.

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