Saturday, August 15, 2009

UI Design Is Not A Spec!

Came across another one of your typical articles from the "Design World", on how us developers are so difficult to work with, and just don't "get it"

Now I have nothing against the author personally. I'm sure his design are fabulous. But judging from some of the comments, I would say most who call themselves designers are the ones who don't "get it". Project spec through UI design doesn't work. Period. No successful large project I have ever worked started with a designer handing over some pretty mockup while at the same time saying, "Here's what it needs to do." Give me a break.

A good developer understands the entire project life cycle, including where the UI design fits in. A good developer will also not touch a project in which a designer insists they code to their UI, which is why I imagine the author has so many problems with developers that don't "get it".

At the same time, a good designer understands a UI mockup is no substitute for a functional spec. I admire the spirit of the article, but it's just all wrong.