Friday, July 17, 2009

Elance Hacked!

Just got my copy of the email that's spreading around to eLancers. I'm assuming anyone and everyone out there with an eLance account will get it, because they apparently don't know exactly who was affected, or what was taken.

Curious though that they claim in the same email that "This incident did NOT involve any credit card, bank account, social security or tax ID numbers"

How can that be eLance? Even if you have identified THIS breach, you security is obviously lacking and it's doubtful this is your only security hole. More likely it's your only known security hole.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

18M Website Redesign?

Your tax dollars hard at work again. $18,000,000 for a website? Check them zeros, yeah that's 18 MILLION!

Since it appears that the company awarded the contract, Smartronix, does not even do web development according to their own site, I guess they'll be outsourcing the work. Overseas I presume.

Hey Smartronix, if your looking for help pulling this off you can hire me, and each member of my team for only $18,000.oo per hour. We'll work full time on it for say um, 2 months? You'll still make a nice profit. What do you say?

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Google's Chrome OS

I say it's about time Google. I guess it took the rise of the netbook to finally make this happen. Web apps are and have been the future for how we interact with the world outside of the corporate cube.

It will be nice when that day comes that I don't have to endure a two minute boot of a PC just to get to google and check some stats.

I doubt though this will put Microsoft out of business. Competition will force them to adapt, like they always do when threatened. Look at the stagnation of IE 6 until Firefox threatened, then bam, IE7, IE 8 within what a year?

Maybe we'll finally get that lightweight Windows desktop OS they have been promising for like, ever. Competition is a good thing.