Friday, May 01, 2009

SEO Tools

Looking to review some of the seo software out there. Most it seems have trial downloads available. Taking a stab at manual optimizing/link building/keyword requires a HUGE investment in ones time. No wonder the Pro's charge so much for their time.

It used to be that well written updated sites gradually climbed in the rankings organically. I'm sure it still happens, but it's near impossible to compete with the internet marketers out there. Relevant content is getting harder and harder to come by. It used to be that you could pretty much find what your looking for in the top 10 results. I now find myself regularly going 3-4 pages deep in search, because page 1 is dominated the internet marketers.

Even if you have a niche site, you will have a hard time competing. The marketers out there are constantly looking for non-competitive keywords, quickly throwing up a site with affiliate links all over it to make a few bucks.

SEO is mandatory if you want any kind of search traffic at your site. It's no longer an option.


Anonymous said...

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Denis said...

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